Spotted Cow (Wannabe) Clone

As I’m sure most people are sick of hearing, growing up in Wisconsin I LOVE New Glarus. To me Dan Carey is the best, most innovative, brewer in the country. Moving to Colorado was one of the best decisions of my life, however, it left me without consistent access to my favorite beer (prior to discovering Prost!). Once I learned to homebrew it was a forgone conclusion that I would spend every waking minute trying to replicate this beer.

While I’ve never produced a perfect clone, I think I’ve brewed a few great beers this one being one I brew the most. It’s a fun light beer that I try to keep on tap at most times. It also makes the perfect compliment to any great Packer win, and a perfect method to drown your sorrows for those all too often playoff blowouts.



For 5.5 US Gallons

O.G. – 1.051

F.G. – 1.013

IBU – 23

SRM – 4

ABV – 5.1%



8.5# – Pilsner Weyermann

1.0# – Vienna Weyermann

0.75# – Munich II Weyermann

0.50# – Flaked Barley

0.10# – Flaked Corn



For this beer I equally mix Northern Brewer and Saaz and do additions as follows

0.7 oz – 60 minutes

0.6 oz – 30 minutes

0.5 oz – 5 minutes



WLP029 – Kolsch Yeast



Mash: 150 for 60 min

Boil: 60 min

Water Profile: Bru’n water light malty


3 thoughts on “Spotted Cow (Wannabe) Clone

  1. WTF is Spotted Cow? It’s listed as a cream ale, but every single person I’ve talked to has described it differently: from “farmhouse” to saison to pale ale, but never cream ale–hah!


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