Jeff aka “Jeef” is a self-described experimental homebrewer, formerly of Colorado, and now based out of Pullman, Washington.

Beginning the quest of homebrewing in 2009, his first beer was an experimental flavor combination of a coffee IPA, an interesting choice to be sure. This should be clearly indicative of what would come next (Hibiscus/ginger wit – before hibiscus was cool, smoked tea rauchbier, and more).

Jeff will mostly be writing about the thought process behind recipes and the process of ingredient choice, thoughts on beer, and ideas for why certain flavors work, in “Jeef’s Corner.” Hopefully these will make you laugh as well as think about what exactly is beer.

Ironically enough, when he’s not drinking his weird homebrews, Jeff prefers nuanced german beers, solid english ales, and american extrahoppy red ales. Outside of brewing, he likes running long distances, reading, and paying way too close of attention to politics.

3 thoughts on “Authors

  1. Jake, I was thinking about your triangle test last night. I do this kind of thing for a living and one caution: Beware of priming. The way you phrase the problem, for example, can you find the different beer in this flight, primes the tester to find a difference. They now think there is a difference to be found. A better question might be to ask the tester to taste the beers to see if there is a difference. It’s a subtle and difficult thing to ask the question in a way that doesn’t prime the taster toward an answer but vital to getting good test results.

    Enjoyed the test and should have gone with my original thought (no difference). Would you be willing to give a demo to our Homebrew Club (the Aurora City Brew Club, or ACBCJ)?



    1. Hey Steve, thanks for the feedback and for participating! I would be happy to give a demo with the ACBCJ, everyone I met from there was great. Can you direct message and I’ll get you my contact info?


  2. Cool blog. I do have some differing views on some topics, but am not sure this is a open forem or not. Don’t want to make the natives restless.


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