Spotted Cow (Wannabe) Clone

As I’m sure most people are sick of hearing, growing up in Wisconsin I LOVE New Glarus. To me Dan Carey is the best, most innovative, brewer in the country. Moving to Colorado was one of the best decisions of my life, however, it left me without consistent access to my favorite beer (prior to discovering Prost!). Once I learned to homebrew it was a forgone conclusion that I would spend every waking minute trying to replicate this beer.

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Big Marky Monster (Imperial Red IPA)

This beer is a recipe originally given to me by brewing friend Dave. The story behind it is that Dave’s dad, Mark’s favorite beer was Terrapins Big Hoppy Monster. Dave and Mark have brewed many iterations of this beer and all have been fantastic. Imperial Red IPA is one of my favorite styles, this beer is an adaptation of Dave’s BMM which cuts back some on the caramel malt and adds massive amounts of one of my favorite hops, Amarillo. This beer is deep red, hoppy as hell, and as sticky as a barley wine. Enjoy!

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